Girly Paradise Palette

It's been warming up here in South Carolina which makes me day dream of toes in the sand and wearing colorful flip flops. This bright, and I mean BRIGHT palette can wash away the snow on your doorstep and transfer you to that island oasis.

SIDENOTE: I am not endorsing coloring your walls Neon Orange, however these colors all make great accent colors and work well together. 


Palette Girly Paradise

The Best of Etsy: February Edition

Put some pops of pink into your Valentine's Day with these February finds. Treat yourself to some lovely luxuries made by local artisans and craftsman. From wishbones to hearts, these whimsy pieces will get your heart beating fast. 

1.) JCLDesigns- Heart Helix Earring 2.) ReedFeatherStraw- Pink Paisley Throw Pillow 3.) Crazy2becrazy- Spiral Pink Paper Flowers 4.) ACDShop - She Is Pencils 5.) Petitor- Wishbone Necklace 6.) FairSkiesDesign - Gold Heart Cards 7.) HannahRun- Rose Gold Earrings 8.) Weddingstore- Pink Pashmina 9.) ShugabeeLane - Large Pink Chalkboard 10.) ModernSwitch- Hot Pink Switch Cover 11.) Lollyludesigns - Newborn Boy's Bowtie 12.) GlassPalaceArts - Turquoise & Hot Pink Triple Strand Necklace

10 Things I've Learned in 6 Months of Marriage

Today marks 6 months of marriage to my best friend and over 8 years of being together. (Hooray? We made it longer than Kim and Kris?) Foremost, let me just say how wonderful my husband is. I am so blessed to have someone as supportive and kindhearted as he. To celebrate,  I thought I'd share what I've learned in my first 6 months for any of you newly engaged ones out there. 

Jake and i at the angel oak, another $0 date.

Jake and i at the angel oak, another $0 date.

1. Disney had it Wrong.

There is a reason why princess films end with "And they lived happily ever after…" I consider those six words to be extremely deceptive. Beauty and the Beast never showed Belle setting off the fire alarm two out of three meals. I didn't hear about Prince Eric's heavy sighs about not having the Big 10 Network available. Maybe we should start making movies about what happens after the wedding because that would be far more entertaining.

2. Kiss Gouda Goodbye.

I have to admit that my mindset when it comes to groceries has done a 180. I can't just buy gourmet cheeses or the name brand cereals. Say hello to the bottom shelf and the Publix buy one, get one. If you're like most newlyweds, finances can be quite a struggle. Each grocery trip, I know Jake and I sacrifice what we may want for the other. For example, one week I may forego the mozzarella cheese so Jake can get a case of pop and vice versa. 

3. Choose Love

I sincerely believe that love is a choice. I knew before we got married that we loved each other. However, having not lived together and having been in a long distance relationship, I didn't realize what loving someone forever really entailed. I know there have been times when I have been spiteful and my husband has had to choose to love me because I was not loving towards him. I would best describe marriage as a rollercoaster; there are ups, downs, and everything in between. At the end of the day we can choose to get off the roller roller coaster when we have our downs or we can choose to love each other and hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

4. Skip

Out of the two of us, I am most definitely the high strung one. When I get frustrated with my husband for something, he will often come in with his dress socks on and skip like a deer across our tiny living room. I immediately burst into a laughter of tears. Having a bag of tricks to make the other laugh is essential to a hilarious marriage.

5. Unplug

Jake and I found that we were spending time together, but not really being present because we were so plugged into social media, our phones, or the tv. Almost every other night now you can find us turning off the chaos and just cuddling with each other on the couch, talking about our day or future.

6. The Dinner Table

We almost always try to make it a priority to eat dinner at the kitchen table together so that we can have conversation instead of eating and watching television. 

7. Pray

 I don't think there's anything more attractive than your husband saying "hey, I thought of you and prayed for you today." Praying together or asking your partner how you can pray for them today makes you be honest with one another about your joys and struggles and makes one another feel appreciated.

8. Study.

When you've been together as long as we have, it can feel like you know everything about each other. FALSE. There's always more to learn.

9. King-size

If you're deciding between the King and the Queen bed, get the King. Don't get me wrong, we love eachother other, but we both sleep in the position of starfish. We like our space. So, once we hit the lotto-this queen bed will be going into the guest room and will be replaced.

10. Have a Date

When I say "have a date" I don't necessarily mean go out to dinner. Our dates over the past six months have included spending $3 in a photo booth, making dinner together, taking a drive, and playing scrabble. Sounds exciting right? Well, when you don't have a lot- you learn to appreciate each other more through the simple things.

11. Sorry

Okay, fine there are 11. Just admit that you were wrong. Say you're sorry even if you think it was more of the other person's fault. I'm much more stubborn than Jake so this one is still taking some learning for me. 


A Little South




February Bucket List Game & Free Printable!

OH, FEBRUARY! It's time to put some long overdue words into actions, and what better way than to do it through a bucket list or shall we say a bucket list with consequences and/or incentives? I have a feeling this is going to become a monthly thing here on A Little South. 

 RULES OF THE GAME: Below is my husband and I's  bucket list for February which we will have to complete by the 28th of February (with pictures) or we will have to donate $15 dollars for each uncompleted task to a charity of our choice. 

February Bucket List

Want to play too? Click HERE for a free printable for you and yourself, loved one, or friend to do together. 

Two Baby Nurseries

On January 21st I became an Aunt to the most beautiful little boy, Parker Ryan. In my celebration I've decided to put together two nurseries filled to the brim with design & decor that is both functional and fun. (Did I mention that my nephew is perfect?) Come, let's stop my doting and fly away to Babyland. 

Baby Boy Nursery

1. Child Craft London 3 in 1 Convertible Crib in Blue - Bed Bath& Beyond // 2. Woven Mirror Dahlia - Serena & Lily // 3. Elephant Toy Chest - The Container Store // 4. Argento Safari Bookends in Blue - Bed Bath & Beyond // 5. Fun Furnishings Tres Chic Velvet Glider - Wayfair // 6. After The Rain Rug  in Dark Green - Land of Nod // 7. Stork Craft Avalon 3 Drawer Dresser in Gray - Wayfair // 8. Aqua Fade Up Rattan Floor Basket - Land of Nod // 9. African Grand Safari Decals - Couture Deco 10. Carter's Animal Collection Table Lamp - Kohl's

Parisian Nursery

1. Stokki Sleepi Crib in White - Bambi Baby // 2. Seychelles Chandelier - Serena & Lily // 3. Maya Inlay Mirror - Serena & Lily // 4. Circo Paris Lamp - Target  // 5. DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-Drawer Changer Dresser in Blush Pink - ToysRus // 6. Mesa Chair and a Half Glider- Posh Tots // 7. Decor Therapy Ball Floor Lamp in Brushed Steel- Homeclick  // 8. Scale Crib Sheet in Celedon - Serena & Lily // 9. Skovel Wall Clock in Green - Ikea // 10. Gobi Wool Rug- Serena & Lily // 11. Brigitte 1 Drawer Side Table in Light Blue - Bungalow5 // 12. Glenna Jean Rosebud Topiary - Wayfair


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Get your serving of fruits and vegetables with these unique bridal bouquets perfect for Spring. From strawberries to chili peppers, these bountiful bouquets exclaim "fresh and fun!"


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The Best of Etsy: January Edition

It only seemed fitting that our Best of Etsy: January Edition be filled with glitter, metallic, and gold leaf. Add some sparkle this January be it through a metallic deer head for your office or chevron gold booties for your baby girl with our favorite artisan picks.


Get a your FREEBIE of unisex, monthly baby stickers. 

I'm going to be an Auntie to the first Baby Little on January 21st. (It's a BOY!) So, in honor of little munchkin on the way, I thought it would be the perfect time to make some stickers for some moms-to-be out there. Have a new baby? Know someone having a little nugget? Print these off and stick them in that shower gift!  Documenting a baby's growth is easy as 1, 2, 3. Just print on sticker paper, cut around the outer green line, and viola! Snap that shot of your cutie pie!